“I’ve had three losing seasons in the last 28. I’m here to win.” – Coach John Powers, Sales Specialist, Oakhurst Signs

Our sales team achieved a major accomplishment last week – twice. We got through to senior officials within the Secretary of State’s office of two different states. In one case, we had THE Secretary of State on the phone. Why? Secretaries of State are responsible for supervising elections. This being a busy election year, voting officials have a real challenge to recruit people to work at the polls and keep voters and poll workers safe.

We landed two major orders to supply hundreds of voting locations with sneeze guards, and the plant is busy cutting and assembling. However, the story of these orders is far more interesting than simply closing two deals. The employee who landed these deals has less than two months’ experience working for our company. He does, however, have more than 25 years of producing and closing on leads – as a college football coach and recruiting director. John Powers was a high school classmate of our partner, Tucker, and he came to us looking for a new opportunity on the heels of his most recent coaching stint as the Offensive Line Coach at Missouri Southern State University. Coach Powers also had multi-year stints at Bethune-Cookman University, Ball State University, Columbia University and Lehigh University. Coach Powers is living proof of what resilience, determination and the right attitude can accomplish.

Whether by necessity or choice, there is a tremendous amount of talent available in the market right now. We are actively looking for capable new hires to join our company in St. Petersburg, FL and Alpharetta, GA – all resumes & referrals are welcome. Sticking with the football lingo, we are looking for finishers.

On a separate note, we came across a great product recently (and ordered a bunch for our investors and friends). Most are familiar with the acronym EBITDA. Sometimes an “R” is attached to add back rent or restructuring expenses to form “EBITDAR,” but as Q1 earnings season starts, we may grow familiar with the term EBITDAC – which of course refers to earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and Coronavirus. Our new friend Karl Smith is selling mugs and tumblers here: https://archercrown.myshopify.com/ U.S. alcohol sales in March were up more than 50% versus March 2019. Karl’s mugs are a great way to help keep with the financial times while sipping a beverage.

Let us know if you want to join our team.