Our portfolio company, Oakhurst Signs, is a specialist when it comes to multifamily branding, signage and graphics. Over the last two weeks, multifamily property management clients began reaching out in earnest to build plans to adjust to the new normal of managing portfolios of apartment communities in a post-quarantine world.  

We are helping our multifamily customers build playbooks to safely reopen amenities and enforce social distancing in common areas. Said one customer – we are helping them play catch up. For example, Distance Dots™ in an elevator are a great way to encourage proper behavior. Unlike office properties where employees were largely sent home, the elevators in apartment buildings have been in use for weeks (and arguably busier than usual). Beyond PPE and safety products – plans are critical right now. 

A sample of our approach: read more

We are also beginning to see new potential customers in the office management arena reach out for products and ideas. A sampling of the challenges we are solving for: 

  • “I’m 6’ 3”, if I sneeze while standing up, how high does a desk enclosure need to be to protect the employees?” 
  •  “Can these shields handle a brick being thrown at them?” – yes, this was a real question, and it highlights a very important point. There are dozens of companies selling acrylic sneeze guard products, mostly because acrylic is cheap. However, acrylic is also brittle, and when it falls and breaks it can create sharp edges. It pays to know your materials. 
  • “Are your products antimicrobial?” (yes, antimicrobial polycarbonate is something we build with) 
  • “I need to be able to slide a 24-pack of beer under the screen, can you make sure the cutout is big enough?”  

While the answers to some questions are still a little unclear (though, yes, we can make a cutout to fit a case of beer), we believe strongly that renters and tenants will thank property managers with a plan by staying and paying.  

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